Martha (and cat) (khriskin) wrote,
Martha (and cat)

Things I am going to do today...

1. Write an actual LiveJournal post.
1a. That is not a list.
1b. Even if I think it's a rather witty bit of silly... On that note. *wanders off to read Skippy's List*

2. Find my desk again.
2a. Attempt to figure out -why- I have a desk. (Seriously, I don't think I've ever used it, what is it's purpose? Other than to pile clothes on...)

3. Post a review to Online Writing Workshop (maybe two)

4. Write 750 words of Silverwitch that are not 'jumping ahead to the fun bits', so as to get back on track with actually posting something.

5. Attempt to construct better plans on building a replacement fence gate beyond 'well, it's square-ish and has hinges'
5a. Go to Lowes.
5b. Realize that 'sorry the saw is broken' is apparently the default, not the exception.
5c. Realize that 8' of 2x4 will not fit in either car.
5d. Do not engage in creative cursing, although somewhat justified by the fact the lumber clerk look at me like I had two heads when I asked for 2x4x6 treated lumber. I R GRL, I CAN2 BUILDZ STUF! Rar.

6. Restock kitchen fuds, so that 'what's for dinner' is 'salad' not 'I dunno, pizza?' *sighs*
6a. Have a Egg McMuffin for breakfast because I am too lazy to shop twice.
6b. Read wrapper.
6c. Realize Egg McMuffins have 370 calories.
6d. Vow to clean enough to get on the treadmill and take back some of the Stupid.

7. Clean stuff around treadmill.

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