Martha (and cat) (khriskin) wrote,
Martha (and cat)

And lo... I get a vacation from my vacation.

The semester ended yesterday at midnight leaving me with either two A's and a B or two B's and a A depending on an ungraded assignment. Either way, I'm more than pleased and insanely glad that it's over!

Which means I now have an approximately two week break where I have no work and no school... and hopefully I can figure out an order to my life that doesn't including staying up until midnight, sleeping in until 10am, and getting nothing done. *sighs*

It's like freshman year in college all over again! ^_~;;;

Anywho lofs of hugs to my abandoned f'list and I will try and get back into the flow of LJ things! *pokes her fanficitves who curse interesting curses and demand to remain in hibernation* I hope. >.<;;;
Tags: filter: c'est la vie

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