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Forgotten Rhythms (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

TITLE: Forgotten Rhythms
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
AU: The Secret Lives of Superheroes
LENGTH/RATING: 235 words, PG-13
SUMMARY: It's not the beat, it's the band…

It isn't until one of the victims rudely blurts it out, still in shock from watching his buddies torn apart and a pack of demons pummeled into ash and bone, that Xander remembers. Even then, it takes him a second to process the man's drunken cursing and remember he's fighting half-blind.

It was second nature even before he'd left Sunnydale; the careful dance of keeping everything in view, playing mental Battleship with stakes instead of plastic pegs. So he's used to fighting in the dark, but with Buffy he'd always been aware; always felt his own stuttering beat echoing behind the rhythmic ebb and flow of combat. Felt the others shift around him, compensating, protecting a liability. But it had never been because of his eye.

Here, slowly, he's forgotten. Out in the middle of nowhere, in a blood-soaked parking lot, he's got no one protecting him anymore. He's got Faith and Ruth, but they fight with him, not for him and he hadn't realized how big a distinction that really was.

Until now.

So he flashes the drunks a grin that makes them think he's crazy or invincible, retreats to Ruth's worn bucketseats, and lets Faith take over with her patented spiel of 'you didn't just see this' that gives them all a sane excuse for an insane world.

And he wonders what might have happened if Buffy had just stepped back and let him fight.


"BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" is owned, (TM) and © by Twentieth Century Fox, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB Network. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

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Yes! Just yes... *pats Xander*
*grin* Thanks! ^_^

I'm feeling a tad guilty since this AU is rather a bit self-serving, I just want to give the guy a happy ending, ya know? *huggles her gloomy fictives* ^_^

Ah well, off to poke at the other three and see if I can't get Arc One done tonight. *crosses fingers*
Ok, I officially love this verse.

And the last line is wonderful, and oddly, though I don't know if you intended this effect, made me ache inside, quietly, for Buffy. One girl in all the world....God, sometimes I'd like to thump Giles round the head.

Or get Faith to do it *L*

:-) xx
*grin* Then I shall have to make more verse to love! ^_~ *grin*

And if you want to whump Giles, then go take Spike and Wes and whump away! ^_~ *snicker* I am so making that phone canon somehow... *evil grin*
I saw the first half dozen of these on Sunnydale Survivor and just had to come look for more. I am sooooo enjoying them.
I'm glad you like them! ^_^ I should have these four polished off this weekend, and then it's into the goodness that is Arc Two! *grin*

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