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Five for Silver, Six for Gold (Peter Pan, WIP)

TITLE: Five for Silver, Six for Gold
FANDOM: Peter Pan
AU: Too Old For Neverland
SUMMARY: Rough start to something, not sure yet where it is leading.

There is something in the shadows. She can't see it, not quite, just the hint of something that doesn't belong. Behind her John and Greg wait, silent and still as the shadow-that-isn't. After a moment the feeling fades and Wendy straightens, frowning at the spot where it had been.

"What was it?" Greg still has his gun up and pointed at the empty space. They know better than to bring lights so he's just another shadow in the darkness.

"Who was it?" John's been with her longer and knows what is never as important as who.

She ignores both of them, focusing on tracking down the faint taste of other. When she finally finds it, sandalwood and lime, she curses in a language she's forgotten she knows. "It's Odelina."


Greg is beginning to grate on her; he asks too many rhetorical questions and she's used to silence. She'll talk to Beck when they get back, there must be other things they can have him do.

"Wen," the voice over the headset is just loud enough for her to hear, pitched well below the normal ranges. "Red team bagged two stragglers, looks like the rest of the nest is long gone."

Which meant someone had warned them. Again. Only this time the list of suspects was down to one. He'd already holstered his gun by the time she turned, meeting her gaze with the same faint smile he used whenever she caught him in a lie.

"You still need me."

She was tempted to point out that he'd be just as useful bound into a dog instead, but Greg was taking the abrupt change in conversation badly.

"That's not--" The gun wasn't quite pointed at John, but it was close enough. She took it from him before he noticed she was moving.

"It is and it isn't," she flicked the safety on and handed it back to him. "Why don't you go help Warren." She had never been good at subtly, but he reluctantly took the cue and headed back out of the warehouse.

"In all honesty, what did you expect me to do?" It was still John's voice, but the inflections were Roxanne's. "Letting you slaughter my relatives was never part of the bargain."

"No, it's not."


PETER PAN is possibly still under copyright to Sir James Matthew Barrie and the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, but apparently it depends on who you ask. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

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