December 24th, 2008


It's odd to be home for Christmass Eve...

Normally I'm up at Mom's avec Ben and Jerry's (or suitable substitute) and a movie (ahhh, Cold Comfort Farm ^_^) kicking back and relaxing the holiday old school. Or new school. Or whatever. *sighs*

Instead we'll be making a run up and back to Northern VA tomorrow, hitting Mom's in the morning and then hooking up with Dad and Assorted Cousins of Awesomeness(tm) in the afternoon/evening and then driving home.

All because I wanted/needed/could-not-live-without dogs (and I suck at finding anyone to petsit).


I still think they were a good idea. *pats a fuzzy head with her toes* *ignores Glare of Death from the cat* Ah furkids. ^_~ Hehehehe

So today I am attempting to think up An Awesome Gift of Awesomeness(tm) and failing. Which is more or less par for the course, I am not well-versed in the art of finding things other people love. Thus I make them pick. MWAHAHAHA! Achem. Yes.

So I am coming up with a mint tea recipe to replace Diet Coke as my One True Love(tm) because I am sick of looking at ingredients lists on things and trying to figure out which random ingredient will kill me next. :P So sugar, milk, mint extract, and Lipton Tea it is! *fiddles with the recipe*

Anywho, happy holidays to one and all, no matter what the holiday's be!