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Liquid Courage (SGA/PotC Drabble)

Title: Liquid Courage
Length: 100 words (it's a drabble after all) ^_~
Rating: PG? SillyFic
Source: StarGate Atlantis/Pirates of the Caribbean
Notes: Written for fairestcat in an attempt at SillyFic to make her smile... and it turned out less like SillyFic and more as a really bad episode idea... hmmm, I shall have to try again! ^_~
Crossposted to: drabbles, _fanfics_

"I don't see how--"

"Hush," Sparrow cut Sheppard off with an annoyed gesture, eyes glued to the heavenly vision of the retreating barmaid. Heathens, all of them. He sighed happily and ignored his unwanted conscience in drab blue. Such an unflattering color.

Sheppard waved a hand in front of Jack's face. "Hello? Mission? Am I the only one paying attention during briefings?" He ignored the guilty look Teyla and Ronan exchanged.

"You wanted Barbossa, and you shall have him... after another drink." Jack raised his flagon and whistled, giving the barmaid his best smile when she turned. "Or two."

(read more at The Unforgotten Country: http://www.martha.net/unforgotten)


Wonder why the spell-check didn't catch that... o_O;; *makes note to figure out what 'conscious' means*

Danka! ^_^
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ^_^;; *gets a clue*

con·science n.
1. The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong: Let your conscience be your guide.
2. A source of moral or ethical judgment or pronouncement: a document that serves as the nation's conscience.
3. Conformity to one's own sense of right conduct: a person of unflagging conscience.
4. The part of the superego in psychoanalysis that judges the ethical nature of one's actions and thoughts and then transmits such determinations to the ego for consideration.
5. Obsolete. Consciousness.


con·scious adj.
1. Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts. See Synonyms at aware.
2. Mentally perceptive or alert; awake: The patient remained fully conscious after the local anesthetic was administered.
3. Capable of thought, will, or perception: the development of conscious life on the planet.
4. Subjectively known or felt: conscious remorse.
5. Intentionally conceived or done; deliberate: a conscious insult; made a conscious effort to speak more clearly.
6. Inwardly attentive or sensible; mindful: was increasingly conscious of being watched.
7. Especially aware of or preoccupied with. Often used in combination: a cost-conscious approach to further development; a health-conscious diet.
I had found a green-brownish one from the pics so that's what I went with. Easy enough to fix thou. (I seem to be fixing a lot on this one ^_^;;)

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